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The Critics . . .

"Canada seems to have many pianistic treasures in their fold, one of whom is Ian Hominick. ... pianists the calibre of Ian Hominick are rare, indeed. The man has an incredible command of the piano having the complete musical package of infallible technique, rich and singing piano tone, and an innate natural musicality that makes one's ears immediately take notice."

- The Classical Music Guide Forum

"enviable technique"

- BBC Music Magazine

"... a case study of a musician in full control of all of the complex elements of ... seemingly impossible demands. Although Mr. Hominick could really show off his stunning technique, he chooses, rather, to illuminate the subtleties and nuances ...Ian Hominick could not have had two better teachers for training him in the grand art of 19th century piano music than Earl Wild and Jerome Rose. And he displays evidence of their careful fostering ..."

- Listener Magazine

"Thalberg's blending of drama and minor-key lyricism is wholly compelling in Hominick's hands."

- Chicago Tribune

"... Hominick dazzled the audience as his hands effortlessly traversed the span of the keyboard ... His performance was always engaging. As with all the best classical music performances, the audience was left with a sense of transcendence, overwhelmed by the beauty of the music and the masterful performance of it."
- The Yukon News

"flash, splash and panache"

- Halifax Chronicle-Herald (Nova Scotia)

" ... Hominick plays them... carefully and lovingly shaping the music and dispatching it with flawless technique and high style."

- The Toronto Star

"Can this man have only two hands? ... With the effort that Ian Hominick displayed while interpreting these pieces, he might as well have been flying a kite ... his playing made me want to move closer. When he was finished, I did not want to let go. Even his well rendered pauses were a music all of their own."
- Lake Forest College Stentor (Lake Forest, Illinois)

"Hominick plays with a quiet intensity and attention. Unlike many pianists whose body language suggests passionate involvement in the music, Hominick prefers to let the music be the focus. As a result, this modest man becomes a conduit for exciting, crisply articulated and often moving sounds."

-The Daily News (Truro, Nova Scotia)

"Hominick's playing is bold and confident, displaying the dazzling technique required of this demanding repertoire."

- The Whole Note Review

"Hominick is an expressive player with a great sense of flexibility of tempo and an innate sense of how to project the relative volume of a passage in a way that elucidates the musical text. It is not unike listening to Earl Wild ... It is heartening to know that even though Wild has joined the past that his traditions -- an investigative approach to repertoire, firm yet glowing pianism and a genuine desire to entertain -- are being carried on by pianists like Hominick."

- All Music Guide Review

"... flair and virtuosity."

- Penticton Western (British Columbia)

"...the music is consistently compelling, thanks in no small way to the joy and dexterity of Ian Hominick's playing. It isn't surprising to learn, given his easy technique and interest in obscure repertoire, that he was a student of Earl Wild ..."

- Fanfare Magazine

"Ian Hominick is a pianist who likes to bathe in the piano ... Hominick ... transcended the piano in these meditative pieces [Brahms Klavierstücke, Op. 118] ... a judicious balance between pianism and profundity."

- Halifax Chronicle-Herald (Nova Scotia)

"Ian Hominick shows himself adept at all the different styles that the programme requires."

- MusicWeb International

"He brings both sensitivity and a powerful technique to the performances ... "

- Canadian University Music Review

" [Hominick] breezed through piece after piece, "making it look easy" as one listener put it. ...to the average audience member, it appeared as though he could just as easily have been in his own living room. ... Not a showy pianist, Ian's inherent musicality filled the Hall with the emotion of the work. His mastery of dynamics and execution of a beautiful flowing line succeeded in conveying the expression Mozart had intended. ... The audience was thrilled, and an encore was requested. In all the evening was interesting and exciting. Ian Hominick, the personable, relaxed performer, ... made the evening fly by. His musical choices were fun, powerful and challenging and he performed them all with precision and beauty."
- Mt. Allison University Argosy (New Brunswick)

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