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Mr. Hominick has conducted piano master classes across the United States and Canada and in Europe for Music Teacher's Associations, Arts Councils, Universities and Conservatories. A piano master class typically lasts from 1 1/2 to 2 hours and features three or four students who perform for the artist in a public setting. The artist will then give a 20-30 minute "public lesson" in which technical and musical issues are discussed with the student and addressed in lay terms to the audience. A master class should be both fun and informative for the participants and the audience.

Master Class Archive

"Despite his many successes, Ian Hominick remains a very down-to-earth, approachable individual, an attribute which makes him an excellent teacher and an informative performer. In his two-hour master class, Hominick was a gracious, thoughtful listener who gave insightful criticism to the nine students who played for him ... Ian Hominick is not only an accomplished pianist, he is also a gracious and generous teacher who takes the time to share his knowledge with young people."

- The Daily News (Truro, Nova Scotia)

"Mr. Hominick has a way of structuring the class with a perfect balance of discussion between the technical and the musical. Equally important, he includes many issues that the students can deal with immediately, thus bolstering their confidence and performance on the spot. Another balance issue that Ian handles so well is that of making the audience feel included in the lesson, a most tricky accomplishment. All of this is done with seemingly no effort on his part, yet we all know it takes great effort and great skill. It was a wonderful, informative and inspiring two hours ..."

- Ann Monaco, former Artistic Director
Merit School of Music (Chicago, Illinois)

"Hominick proved to be a good-natured, positive and perceptive clinician with an exceptional ability to pull music out of each pianist in a very individual way. ... It was amazing how much better each pianist played within a short period of time."

- Charlottetown Guardian (Prince Edward Island)

"I found Mr. Hominick to be very informative. He was friendly and adjusted to each student's age and level of performance. He gave constructive criticism and I have used his ideas further with my teacher. His technical hints have made a marked improvement in my playing. I would have loved to have had more time with him."

- Master class Participant (Nova Scotia Music Teacher's Assn.)

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